Ambassadors & Platinum membership

At myLifePool our members are the foundation of all that we do and we value constructive feedback and input. As a business, we act with integrity and in line with myLifePool’s community standards, which are based on the concept of ‘paying it forward’. We reward members that contribute extra into myLifePool’s community by gifting FREE monthly membership to them, and manage outstanding contributions through platinum or ambassador memberships.

Ambassador membership

myLifePool ambassadors are members that act as an admininstrator for a group within the myLifePool network. This role is well suited to people who are passionate about a particular interest or hobby that others may benefit from. Their role is to be a welcoming administrator of the online group for their chosen interest, facilitating conversations and occasionally organising meet-ups that would appeal to group members.

The groups that ambassadors administer are open groups for all members to join. Anyone new joining the group should be included and made to feel welcome. In return for their input and monthly updates, ambassadors receive FREE monthly membership.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for an existing group or have a group that you would like to start to be an ambassador for, then please get in touch by clicking the link below and filling in a contact form.

Platinum membership

Platinum membership is gifted on an invitation-only basis and is given to our preferred partners who offer discounts to our members and people that support the development of myLifePool.

Platinum members receive FREE monthly membership in return for providing monthly feedback, input, offers or discounts, or information that helps to develop myLifePool’s offerings with relevant and current content.