Børn of the Forest

born of the forest

Børn of the Forest is a family run project developed by Vikki & Chris Silverwood and their toddler Mari. Pre-Mari, we spent a couple of years exploring the world.

During this time we saw kids in Australia, Brazil and Borneo playing barefoot in giant muddy puddles after a tropical downpour; kids in India and Indonesia playing with found objects and using their imagination; and kids in Laos, Peru, New Zealand….all over the world, in fact, climbing trees; taking risks and exploring without limits. We knew this was the life we wanted our own children to have and once Mari came along, we felt compelled to create something that enabled Mari and other local children to explore the world around them and grow up in the way we think kids are supposed to: playing freely, experiencing the awe and wonder of nature while building a meaningful connection to the environment.


We aim to provide children experiences which will connect them with nature through opportunities for open-ended, child-initiated play. Through being immersed in nature in this rich way, children are able to become confident, resilient and creative individuals; lead healthy and active lifestyles and have an understanding of and connection to the environment… The latter being something our world needs the future generation to have.

Offer: 20% Off 7 session blocks and 10% off pay as you go classes.

Location: Old Gate Woods at the West side of Follifoot Cricket Club.

How to use: Show your Virtual ID on arrival.

Terms: Not in conjunction with any other offer

Website: https://www.bornoftheforest.co.uk/find-us