Buying, selling and gifting items

Our classified section is free to use and consists of for sale, pool it (gifting) and wanted pages, you can list, remove and search for items at any time. All listings are removed after seven days to ensure that our classified section remains up to date, if your items have not sold within seven days then you are able to repost them if you choose. These pages are search friendly, free and easy to use, we just ask that members bear in mind our myLifePool values, ethics and codes of conduct when using them.

For sale

You can upload pictures and descriptions of items that you are selling and place them under a relevant category, this helps people easily find your item. Your listings will remain live on the classifieds page for seven days, or you can remove them when sold, or if you decide not to sell it via the site. Your classifieds appear on your profile and are therefore easy to manage and can be reposted when you choose.

Pool it

With our gifting ‘pool it’ section you can pass on any items that you are happy to gift to another member at no charge or pick up a gift from someone that is happy to pass on something that they no longer need


You can post here if you are looking for something and you can state how much you are willing to pay for it. It is always worth checking this page if you have something to sell or gift as well as it could save you going to the trouble of uploading your item.