Codes of Conduct

Membership of myLifePool is conditional on the upholding of our values, ethics and code of conduct and acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Mission Statement

myLifePool (mLP) provides parents with a gender-neutral, cohesive and diverse social networking platform for information and resource sharing, both on and offline. The membership system offers social and financial benefits, coupled with mutual support and a sense of belonging. mLP offers ongoing social and educational opportunities, with unbiased information, across all parenting circumstances. Starting from early pregnancy and progressing throughout parenthood, mLP offers current and relevant scope for parents to develop their parenting skills, knowledge and social networks.

Values, Ethics, Code of Conduct

Our values, ethics and code of conduct stem from the myLifePool PROS.

Positive Respectful Open-minded Support

We require all mLP members to nurture and hold these values at the core of their interaction with others. Membership of mLP is conditional on the upholding of our values, ethics and code of conduct and we reserve the right to uncouple membership if these are not upheld.

Diversity, Tolerance, Respect

As a business, we nurture a willingness to embrace positive difference in whatever form we encounter it: through open-minded respect, we grow as a company and as people. We require that our members maintain our values, ethics and code of conduct when interacting with others through mLP, treating others with respect, sensitivity and tolerance.


We understand that, as with our membership system, pooling our resources and collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We are committed to working with and alongside other organisations, businesses, groups and individuals with similar values. We encourage our members to collaborate through the membership system, sharing information and mutual support, building on a shared sense of belonging which leads to well-connected, well-informed parenting.


As a business, we aim to act with integrity and open, honest ethics. The mLP community standards are based on these foundations and on the concept of ‘paying it forward’. As a member of mLP, you should endeavor to contribute to the system as much as you draw on it. With our gifting and selling pools we require that if you receive a gifted item from someone, when the item has served its purpose for you, you pay it forward and gift it to another mLP member – the item is not to be sold on. When purchasing an item through mLP, we ask that you only purchase an item for personal use, and not for profit. It is also important to consider that after receiving information, advice or support through mLP, you take the time to do the same for another member in the future.

Advice and Opinions

Please remember that advice or opinions given within the site may be provided by other users, and not by mLP. The mLP administration team do not monitor opinions or verify the advice of its members and cannot be held responsible for them. Any advice taken is done so at your discretion.

Negative Experiences

At mLP, our ethos is to try to deal with negative experiences as a learning opportunity. If we remain open-minded to dialogues, we are more able to ask understand why a negative experience happened. If we are open to being understanding and non-judgmental, we can use a negative experience to effect positive change that strengthens relationships and improves our future experiences. Do not use the mLP platform to vent about a negative experience with the intention of doing damage to a person or business. If you have something negative to say about another member, do not air it publicly.

We urge you to vent your frustrations with the mLP team first and confidentially so that you give the other individual and mLP an opportunity to understand first and then take appropriate actions to remedy any altercation. If you happen to have a negative experience with us here at mLP, please get in contact with us, so that we can address it. We are very firm at mLP in our mission to create and develop a positive, respectful, and supportive experience. If you have an issue with the services of one of our preferred partners, please get in touch and give us the opportunity to investigate, and remedy it.


People matter and are at the core of who we are as a business, what we do and why we do it. Understanding our members’ needs and adapting to meet them where possible is paramount. Communication is the key to mLP so please do keep in touch with us – your opinions, needs and feedback matter.