4B Antenatal Course Harrogate

4B Antenatal Course Harrogate

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myLifePool’s bespoke 4B antenatal course for pregnant parents in Harrogate and surrounding areas has just been launched – and we are so excited about it!

Our professionally-led, evidence-based Harrogate antenatal course is useful, practical and certainly not fluffy! The 4B antenatal course enables you to make independent, realistic and well-informed choices about your bump, baby and well-being.

Our Harrogate antenatal course is rolled out in four sessions to parenting couples over a 16 week period of your pregnancy and each session will cover one of the 4Bs: Bump, Baby, Being and Belonging.

We are not here to replace your routine midwifery care, but our desire is to add depth and enhance it, giving you an unbiased, informative and balanced approach.  In our BUMP session we cover a high-level overview of what we believe to be the most important take-away antenatal course information you need to know for your pregnancy journey.

Our BABY session prepares you for the arrival of that all-important little person! We will cover the impending labour, what to pack and what to expect in the early postnatal days, including bathing and caring for your newborn baby. No questions are silly or weird so please know this is a safe place in which we can discuss anything that you might find helpful and we will endeavour to make this Harrogate antenatal course as fun and interactive as possible.

We believe that our BEING session really sets us apart from the usual approach to antenatal care.  Having a baby changes everything. There are no two ways about it! It can put enormous pressure on your relationship with each other, your relationship with extended family members and even your friends.  Our antenatal course covers topics like keeping strong relationships through our interactive Relationship PROS, identifying what makes you tick as an individual.  This is to help support you through the many changes to your physical and mental health and well-being during this time of change.

We discuss with you some really good tips, advice and practical knowledge to get you prepared for the rollercoaster journey ahead!

Finally, we explore the gateway to the myLifePool network through our unique BELONGING session.  We will share with you just how you can be part of this on-line/ off-line community, accessing all the member benefits and getting the best support available during this new and exciting chapter in your lives. We finish

Our antenatal course with an open question and answer section to ensure that all of your questions are answered in preparation for your new arrival.

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