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Eat Well is a myLifePool healthy eating lifestyle group hosted by Dale-Anne Light.

Eat Well meet every Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening at NJ’s Cafe.

Eat Well location: NJ’s Station Parade

Cost: £3 per session

Tuesday Morning 9am – 10.30am
Wednesday Evening 6pm-7.30pm

This includes the following options. You decide what you choose to access based on what works for you:

  • Support, guidance and knowledge
    from Dale-Anne Light fully qualified nutritionist
  • Eat well personal journey booklet
  • Weekly planner/results record
  • Meal plans
  • Peer support
  • Recipes and cooking tips
  • Food choice lists.
  • Tools to help you understand what is healthy and what isn’t.
  • Weight tracking
  • Access to ‘Dales Kitchen’ meal solutions

Find out more about Dale and how she will help you…

I am a qualified nutritionist with a total of 20 years’ experience helping people to lose weight and live well.

I am a married menopausal mum of 2 and granny to 3 under 2-year olds

What qualifies me to teach you to be able to eat well?

I started my journey by losing 5 stone myself, so I understand the challenge. I went on to run several successful Weight Watchers classes and then trained as a nutritionist. I have even worked with the cast of Emmerdale and have supported several actors in the ITV network to eat well.

I have been working for 17 years now offering 1:1 support to people. I have a wealth of experience in empowering people to understand themselves whilst identifying why they may have challenges with eating well, encouraging them to overcome those challenges

I am a firm believer that it is not about what size you are, or what you weigh, it is about being comfortable in your life and being confident that you are living your best life.

I have experience of working with people with emotional challenges that have led to an unhealthy relationship with food, people with eating disorders, food intolerances and people with medical reasons for needing a healthy or tailored diet, like people living with diabetes or celiac disease. More commonly though, people who simply have busy lives and want to be supported in maintaining a healthy balance but can’t afford a personal trainer, a dietitian and a personal chef. By sharing their challenges and being supported I have helped all of these people to live well and have great results and I would like to help you too.

I am going to use my knowledge to empower you to identify and realise your goals, understand your triggers and overcome challenges enabling you to eat well and live well.

I am going to share my experience and knowledge with you and give you the tools to help you understand what is healthy and what isn’t.

I will be offering a weekly weigh in for those who want it and a booklet for you to chart your progress, write down your challenges, or even keep a food diary if you want. You will decide how you want to use my knowledge, based on what works for you.

I am going to offer you balance in your life where you can eat well, have treats and still be healthy and lose weight, if that is your goal and have fun whilst doing it.

You will get handouts, meal plans, set diets (if you require that) and food choice lists.

I have a food kitchen that makes healthy and nutritious meal solutions; breakfasts, snack bars, soups and sauces. These are available to purchase and are a practical solution for busy people, people who don’t like to cook or people whose challenge is portion control.

Most importantly though, as a group and through myLifePool, we will give support to each other, share stories, challenges, solutions, recipes and cooking tips. In life we all need community and encouragement, coupled with positive reliable dependable support to maintain a healthy life balance and between myLifePool and eat well, this is our offer to you.

Together we can achieve anything, and I look forward to meeting you all.

‘If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got’

Choose to do something different and be a part of something different… reserve your space now.

I met Dale for the first time at Weight Watchers 16 years ago. After having my first two children I found myself struggling to maintain a healthy diet whilst; running a household, being a mother, working and socialising., a problem that most people can probably identify with.

I found Dale to be hugely inspirational and supportive, as a result, I was very quickly successful in achieving my goals.  I continued attending classes to keep myself on track but also because I had found community, a place where I had shared goals and interest with others. I even ended up helping Dale out occasionally as her classes were so busy (that won’t surprise those of you that know me!). It was only once a week for a couple of hours, but it added value to my life in so many ways.

Time to focus on myself and my well-being
Connecting with like-minded people
Offering support to others
Learning how to bring a healthy lifestyle into my home

I reconnected with Dale recently through myLifePool and she suggested that she would like to offer support to LifePoolers. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me personally as, whilst building myLifePool, my Focus and in turn, my lifestyle had changed and as myLifePool grew…. So did I!

I was getting far less exercise than I was used to and meal planning and preparing healthy family meals was a thing of the past. I wasn’t eating well and my physical and mental health was suffering.

We talked about our vision of supporting people to a healthier happier lifestyle. We connected over our dislike of the use of the words, diet, slimming and weight loss. We felt that these words have become associated with a problem, something negative. We agreed that for a healthier lifestyle the focus should be on health, well-being, knowledge and positive well-informed choices. We found that our shared passion for positively uplifting people had only grown over the years since we last met. We decided that we would like to work together, to help people by focusing on a much more holistic and problem-solving approach.

Then came the most exciting part (for me anyway) Dale explained to me that she produces her own meal solutions that people can purchase from her. For me, this was the answer and the key to me being able to access a healthier lifestyle. After meeting Dale all those years ago I had been able to maintain healthy eating, as with her guidance it had become ingrained into my lifestyle. However, when returning to full time work my lifestyle changed, the demands on my time changed and my diet changed. I was grabbing food where and when I could and processed food,  ready meals and binge carb snacking was my go-to fuel.

I decided that if we were going to ask you lovely people to trust us to support you to eat well, I needed to see if it would work for me first.

As I said, my problem was time.. not enough of it and portion control.. too much of it!! I LOVE FOOD! So I decided that I would like to order breakfast portions and soups from Dale so all I had to think about and plan was an evening meal.

We started by weighing me on the 6th November. I was 12 stone 7lb, I hadn’t weighed myself in years, for my age and weight are just numbers, its how I feel that matters to me, so this number didn’t scare or disappoint me, but it did confirm to me why I was feeling so crap and unhealthy!

Dale has weighed me weekly, which works for me personally.  I am a practical person, driven by results and I respond well to accountability (in other words, I’m easily led when it comes to food and drink!!) And to be honest, I thrive on positive praise and encouragement.

So six weeks later,  I can give you this feedback;

  1. The ‘eat well’ ethos works for me, it has been manageable and  I have enjoyed the lifestyle change, as it hasn’t actually changed my lifestyle that much, it has just enhanced it and the result is, I’m feeling way better than I did six weeks ago.
  2. Dales food is delicious, filling and incredibly reasonable price.
  3. I have more energy, I sleep better, I have fewer headaches, my mood is more balanced and that in itself is a minor miracle as I’m perimenopausal, I’m more focused and I am rarely ever hungry.
  4. I have identified some triggers that lead to me not achieving my goals and I have put stuff in place to overcome my challenges. I’m looking forward to sharing the things that have worked for me with you.
  5. Dale is an absolute life-changing, inspiring legend
  6. And finally…… I have lost 1 stone in weight YES 1 STONE.. that is equivalent to blocks of butter!!!
  7. I’m now looking forward to a happy and healthy 2020 and I’m committed to taking responsibility for caring for my own personal well-being so that I can live my very best life. So, why not join me on a lifestyle changing journey, because with Dale’s support, together we can do it.

Vic x

Eat Well with Dale

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