Little Crickets Baby & Toddler Group – TERM TIME ONLY

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About this event:

Created by Victoria

Little Crickets Pre-School, Harrogate Cricket Club Grounds, St George's Road Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Little Crickets toddler group runs on Thursdays in term time 1:15 to 2:30pm at Little Crickets Pre-school. Play, crafts, singing, children’s snacks, tea/coffee and biscuits. £2/£2.50

Toddler groups are an amazing, affordable resource for entertaining little ones and getting out and socialising. They are particually useful  in some cases (as with Little Crickets) when they are attached to a Pre School. If you can find an Pre School in your area you will often find that that it feeds into the school that your child will attend in the future. Pre Schools like this are great for easing the transition into school for your child as they often move up to school with a ready made group of friends.

For more information  on the toddler group or Pre School call Little Crickets on: 01423 561352