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About this event:

Created by Victoria

Starling Independent Bar Cafe Kitchen, 47 Oxford St, Harrogate HG1 1PW

Juggling family life and career?

Come and join other working mums for tea out at Starlings, If you work and find it hard to fit in getting to know other mums, this its a great opportuntiy.

Is it challenging to keep your career moving at the speed you would like it too?


Do you sometimes have to push through barriers at work to prove you can manage family life and achieve your career goals?


Do you sometimes find it hard to stay in the ‘social loop’ outside of work?


If you can you relate to any of these questions then the group is for you. It’s for working, career-focused Mum’s who want to network with other like-minded Mum’s who understand the challenges that can arise when balancing career aspirations and family life. Connecting to share friendship support and tips on how to balance career life with family life.

Working Mum's Network


  1. Profile photo ofhelena1

    Looking forward to meeting some of you tonight as I haven’t been able to make the previous meet ups. Fingers crossed my little ones go to bed early so I can get there on time!

  2. Profile photo ofVictoria
    Victoria Post author

    Don’t worry if you don’t get there for the start. We all ordered our pizzas at different times last time, the kitchen struggles to bring it all out at the same time when there are so many of us so it’s really quite informal all round.