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About this event:

Created by Victoria

Oatlands Community Centre on the corner of Mount Street and Gladstone Street HG2 8DQ

This group is for all of you fantastic parents that are parenting ‘solo’. It’s not an easy role and we are all about supporting each other and sharing tips advise and the occasional night out.


Drop into our monthly Flying Solo Meet Up and connect with other local parents in the same boat. You could be a father or mother, parenting a baby or a teen. You could be separated, have full custody or joint custody or you may be parenting solo as your partner is working away, whatever your circumstances you will be welcomed.


Our next meet up is on the 13th of September 4:30 pm at the community centre. We will be doing a shared buffet tea, everybody brings a contribution for the buffet table and a bottle of something whether that be pop or wine just whatever you’re drinking.. There will also be toys out so there will be plenty to entertain the children.

It might be a good idea for us to share on here what we are planning on bringing so we don’t end up with 1000 mini sausages 😂.

If you are feeling a bit anxious about dropping in for the first time please do message us so that we can put you at ease.


There is a nominal charge of £3 per family to cover the hire of the venue, please book on below.

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Flying Solo Tea Time Meet Up



  1. Profile photo ofvanessa
    Vanessa Kershaw

    I’m going to nip to Asda on Friday and grab some crisps, grapes and sweet treats (cookies/doughnuts etc). I’ll also get a couple of picnic type food – scotch eggs, chicken bites etc. Looking forward to it x