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More than social media, it’s a lifestyle

myLifePool ONLINE – Your online community

Welcome to myLifePool – the new, exciting and innovative way for parents to share life with other like-minded people. You will soon develop friendships, form vital support networks and pool valuable information as you embrace the journey of parenting together! 

Why not join us today and start building your own online and offline community with myLifePool?    


myLifePool OFFLINE – Courses, classes and social pool

Being a member of myLifePool gives you access to an exclusive gateway to weekly classes, courses and social meet-ups.  Everything is offered either free of charge or at a member-exclusive discounted rate. Our Offline Community provides opportunities for parents to strengthen their Online friendships and support networks whilst providing ongoing knowledge and skills to enrich their parenting journey.

myLifePool Market Place – Buying, selling and gifting items

‘Pool it!’ or ‘Sell it!’  The choice is yours.  myLifePool’s Market Place section is a useful feature to sell or give away unwanted items.  Just scroll down the categories and grab yourself a bargain!

three friends, fathers walking with buggies in city park

myLifePool – Respecting fatherhood and embracing diversity

.At myLifePool we embrace diversity and recognise that families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! Regardless of gender or personal circumstances, we believe that all parents who are wanting to play an active lead in their children’s lives should be offered the same inclusive support through their parenting journey. The bulk of online and offline parenting material is directed in a maternal way, but we at myLifePool are passionate about developing our resources from a male perspective too.  So what are you waiting for?  Get connected!

myLifePool PROS

We aim to offer Positive Respectful Openminded Support and these values are at the foundation of the myLifePool membership system. We require all myLifePool members to nurture and hold these values at the core of their interaction with others, always treating members with respect, sensitivity and tolerance.

Antenatal Harrogate Birth and Baby

Birth and Baby Antenatal


myLifePool’s bespoke program offers professionally led antenatal and postnatal evidence-based information, that is useful, practical and certainly not fluffy! Birth and Baby antenatal enables you to make independent realistic and well-informed choices about your bump, baby and well-being. Information which we share is taken from the NHS Choices website (www.nhs.uk) which is evidence-based and contemporary information that can be found again at your leisure should you require it.