Your online community

Your myLifePool profile looks, feels and works like other popular social media networking sites, using similar features.

Your profile

Your online profile is the first step. The information that you share here about you and your family will be open to view by other members and will be how you make connections with other like-minded people.


myLifePool is all about connecting people, you can request and accept friendships along the way, making useful connections, new friendships and sharing the journey.

Your wall and newsfeed

Like other social media platforms, your wall displays your online activity within myLifePool and your newsfeed shows the activity of people that you have made a friendship connection with, through your online profile.


You can private message friends and groups of friends as well as other members of myLifepool.


We have an instant live chat facility enabling you to chat instantly with friends who are online at the same time. You can click on the chat icon at any time to see which of your friends are currently online.


Your online profile will show notifications of any activity involving you, or groups that you are a member of. You can also receive email notifications so you don’t miss out if you are away from your profile.


You can store and share photo albums via your personal profile.


The site-wide search facility can be used to help you find people, make connections over a common interest or to search for advice on particular subjects.


Forums or ‘discussion boards’ are great way to share local information and access advice and support from other parents that may have experience in an area of interest to you. Whether you want to start a discussion about soothing a crying baby or where to go for a family friendly meal out, you can set up or join a forum to share information.


If you join myLifePool through the gold membership Birth and Baby Gateway you will be automatically be added to a group with other people from your Birth and Baby course and to your child’s birth year group. If you have joined with a silver membership without attending a Birth and Baby course then you can add yourself to the birth year groups that are applicable for the birth year of the children you are parenting. Birth year groups run from September – August in line with school academic years, helping you make connections with people with children of a similar age. There are many other groups you can join that will connect you to like-minded people; they may be based around hobbies, interests, lifestyle or knowledge. If you would like us to start a group around a particular subject please get in touch – we are always open to new ideas.