Courses, classes and social pool


myLifePool courses will vary in line with demand: our goal is to listen to and understand our members’ needs and organise professionally run courses in line with them. The aim is to deliver local courses that are accessible and affordable, covering a wide range of subjects from baby care and parenting skills to personal development.


Like our courses, our classes develop with demand. We are working with local partners to produce classes that are either exclusive to myLifePool members or secure discounts for our members at already existing classes.

Social Pool

Social Pools are arranged meeting points throughout the week that offers the opportunity to share time with others. The meeting points are at the same location and time each week and you can just turn up – no need to book. There are a variety of options – weekend buggy-friendly walks around local countryside, mid-week catch-ups over coffee and cake and evenings out! If there isn’t a meet-up that appeals to you, you can get in touch and give us an idea of the kind of thing that would appeal to you and we can set one up.